Meditation 7 Core Chakra 30-Day Challenge, Day 29

Phew what a long day.  I did a hurried meditation in the AM, but I was able to do a full session just now.  I didn't have my Carnelian Agate or Clear Crystal tonight, yet I still conducted the meditation session the way I would have with those stones.  

I am a little tired since I spent about 5 hours driving around in San Francisco traffic today.  I don't mind it.  I have been tuning in to only instrumental music ever since I have been practicing my 30-Day meditation challenge.  I feel that lyrics and overplayed mainstream music tend to add more unnecessary chatters in my mind.  Just for the record, I love music.  I think music moves me.  But I am not 100% sure that lyrics are necessary.  That being said, I think I'll make an exception for Christmas music.  I am very excited about Christmas season and want to immerse myself into the spirit of the season.  

I still have about 2 to 3 hours of work tonight.  It's 9.35 pm right now.  Holiday season is here and I have a ton of inventory that I am so excited to upload onto my etsy store.  I am going to take a little breather then go at it again.  It is 7 am somewhere.  

Meditation 7 Core Chakra 30-Day Challenge, Day 28

I am fully aware that I am a beginner meditator, and I hope I stay this way forever.  I am filled with curiosity about the practice of meditation and its scientific effects on the mind. 

I have been practicing a 20-minute breathing practice in silence when I acknowledge thoughts that arose and release them.  I am intending to stay on course with this practice even after my 30-Day challenge is over.  Today is day 28. 

I am enjoying this journey as I am able to enforce self-discipline and control.  Nothing permanent ever comes from a half-fast effort, and I am quite certain that I have been reaping the benefits from this daily realignment practice. 

A little about my background, unfortunately, I am a smoker.  I have been smoking cigarettes since I was 20 years old.  In the beginning, it was more for socializing purposes since smoking was an acceptable social norm in the country where I was originated, Indonesia.  But later in life, I started associating cigarette smoking with a way to overcome anxiety. 

I have quit cigarette smoking in 2015 for one full year, and for whatever reason I fell back into the habit again. However, I am happy to announce that my recent meditation practice has played a huge part in my efforts to quit smoking. 

Even tough, I sometimes still had the urge to smoke, it wasn’t so overwhelming as it used to be.  I hope this lasts forever.  It’s amazing how much of an anxiety anchor a stick of cigarette has been.  I am aware of that now, and I choose to be free of everything that is emotionally enslaving. 

Meditation 7 Core Chakra 30-Day Challenge, Day 26

Did my meditation towards the end of the day.  Honestly there was a slight procrastination that kicked in after dinner, yet I pushed through and did a full meditation.  I am so glad that I did.   

Today I re-affirmed what I have learned all along that discipline needs to be consistent.  It is also true that you need to essentially do what makes you feel good inside, whether it is a job or a daily activity.  Meditation makes me feel good inside.