Meditation 7 Core Chakra 30-Day Challenge, Day 25

Today has been an off day for me.  It started off very well and exciting, then suddenly it became not as exciting and a little mellow.  It just is, there's no rhymes or reasons.  And the best for me to do is to sit with the feeling.  Not reacting to it yet not brushing it off either.  I realized that not every day will be a sunny day and that's just the way it is.  

I am aware that It is normal to feel a little off.  I do not believe one minute that real people would continuously vibrate in high frequency and never felt anything other than high vibrations.  However, the great thing about having the tools to re-allign yourself is that you can always tap into them whenever you need them.  When you raise your awareness level, you are not in a fog, at least you are not in that fog for longer period of time than you ever need to be.  

What I would normally do when this surge of emotion happens, is to first,  just to let things be.  Then journal about it to allow those thoughts be processed naturally as I write things down.  Afterwards, I would write up a list and a plan on what I feel I need to straighten up.  Then I'd sleep it off.   

Imperfection is real.  Imperfection is beautiful.