Meditation 7 Core Chakra 30-Day Challenge, Day 12

Happy Monday! Are you excited to start the day? Did you get a chance to plan out your day and week last night? I hope you did, so that today all you have to do is "perform", "execute", and "recap". 

You see I'm not so much worried about achieving anything as I would be achieving what I needed to, when I have successfully followed through with my game plan.  By worrying so much about the end result of an action, I will take away the joy in the journey by subconsciously peppering it with anxious energy.  

Instead of "achieving", I would change that up to "recapping" as I believe it is the most crucial yet forgettable action in my day.  When you recap, you are accounting to happenings within the day and using that moment to register what has or has not been achieved.  So yes, you are still aiming on a certain achievement, but you're taking the more methodical and non-anxious route. 

Have a great Monday, take notes and journal and don't forget to recap your day!