Desa celuk, Gianyar, Bali

My adventure in Bali started out by exploring the alleyways of Desa Celuk, roaming around the tight alleys shared by pedestrians and motorcyclists in hopes to find Marcelly Gem's next team member of super talented silversmith.  Luckily I speak the language and the villagers were quite nice and welcoming.  

It is very pleasant to see how the entire village takes the art of silver crafting very seriously. Marcelly Gems proudly and exclusively features Balinese silver work on every piece on our 925 Silver items.  

Sometimes we would have great luck in finding silversmiths who happened to be working in their house's open door area, other times not so much.  We stumbled into several empty compound style houses as most Balinese families live in this type of communal residence.  But yet, we kept on moving.  

At the end of our trip, we made great business connections with several world-class silversmiths and workshops as they frequent the famous Tucson's Gem Show in Arizona, USA, each year.  

Returning to our hotel from the village presented more of a challenge.  Ordering an uber ride while you have an International phone number was quite difficult, as the drivers could not or would not reach you by the telephone due to the expensive rate of international calls in Indonesia.  So what we ended up encountering was repetitive cancellations without notifications.  Apparently if we, as the passengers, cancel on the drivers after several minutes, we would have to pay the fee.  So, international tourists, beware of this trend, and if possible, get a local number.