Meditation 7 Core Chakra 30-Day Challenge, Day 24

I am still using all of the healing stones and placing them where I have been placing them in the past 24 days, however today I wasn't specifically counting 15 breaths per chakra as I normally would.  

Today was probably one of the two most relaxing meditation I have ever experienced since I started this 30 day meditation challenge.  I wasn't counting, I just let my breathing took over.  It felt so liberating and refreshing.  I bet if I just stayed in my position a little longer, I would have drifted to sleep.  

These days, I have noticed that I have been anticipating my meditation time.  I am enjoying that "me" time that I am aware is a form of luxury.  A luxury that every person can give to themselves.  

It has been a relaxing Saturday afternoon.  It does not mean that I do not have things to get done today. I am just having the time of my life.  I am doing things when I want to do them, and it has been working wonderfully.  

I also noticed that I am more in tune with my surroundings.  I sense people's vibrations.  When the vibration is low, and I have a certain level of anxiety, I tend to react negatively.  I am not sure about you, but negative reactions, more often than not, like to bite me in the behind.  In opposite, when I do not have any level of anxiety, I would discern of what had occurred, yet I would not react to it. 

To give you an idea, this morning I mentioned to my husband about a comment that I remembered a telephone network sales associate said to me a couple of days ago when we were switching our phone carrier.  A comment that he and I had never spoken of prior to today, but apparently he remembered it clearly because he thought the associate's remark was offensive.  

Now the thing is, I did notice this particular phone sales associate's remark and its connotation when it was first uttered at the store.  

In case you are wondering of what was said; the associate said that perhaps I was more of a visual than auditory person.  This was in response to my wanting her to further explain about the various data plans and payments.  With my experience dealing with phone companies, I want to make sure I understand everything to the "T." 

As much as I was aware of was said, I did not take the associate's remark personally, because I needed to focus on getting the best deal.  That's the difference between discerning and judging.   My vibration was so high that I did not put any energy on little things that are not important.  Instead I put my energy onto my goal, which was getting the most economical and practical deal.

I feel that If you are so focused on yourself and your goals, subsequently you won't worry about the small things that get you side tracked.  You also won't worry about other people's attempts to lower your vibe, since you really have no time nor the energy for that.


Meditation 7 Core Chakra 30 Day Challenge, Day 23

I just want to let you know that I am still doing the 30-Day Meditation Challenge.  Today is Day 23.  

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, I didn't blog. I figured I wanted to cherish the day with my family and then write about what I was grateful and am grateful for today, rather than yesterday.  

As everyone else, I am grateful for my family and friends.  I am grateful mostly this year is for marrying my love.  I am also grateful for the health of my parents.  I am grateful for the perpetual excitement, intermittent happiness, consistent companionship and valuable lessons that I am able to gather from my journey.    I am grateful for the little bits of struggle that taught me those lessons.  


Meditation 7 Core Chakra 30-Day Challenge, Day 21

Day 21 meditation and my breathing is much better now. 

In my head, I still count each breath and did 15 breaths on each chakra.  At one point when I was focusing on my third eye chakra, my breathing became more natural and flowed in and out in a more refined way. 

The flow of the breaths was still coming from belly then chest then back down to the belly area, but during that third eye chakra breathing, the flow just felt intensely more natural.  I didn't have to think about it too much, and I even lost count.  Along with this wave of heightened relaxation comes slight tingly feelings in my toes and tip of my fingers.  

Meditating towards the end of the end has its own benefits.  In the morning I sometimes, subconsciously, feel rushed since I have to start my day soon,  (I know I should not feel rushed at all if I were more organized). 

I am loving where I am in my meditation exercise. I am aware I am progressing with my patience and the quality of my breathing.  Those are what I am grateful for tonight.  How about you?


Meditation 7 Core Chakra 30-Day Challenge, Day 20

I just did my meditation, it's 1942, a little late than my usual meditation time.  

Today I switched my phone carrier to one that has a better reputation in network connectivity. This has been in my to-do list for a while now and I finally pulled the trigger and went for it.  It feels great since I believe I've done my due diligence and was being practical in going about it. 

The thing is, I just realized that there are so many temptations out there in regards to options.  It is very easy to think that spending $30 here, or $35 there per month, as the norm upon changing your phone carrier.  Of course initially I thought I would need all of those nice fancy smart phone models, including their premium options, but as a business person, I owe it to myself to make sensible financial decisions.  And I am 100% sure I did and if I don't I will let you guys know by the end of the month.

In the end, I gave up using an iPhone and opted for another less popular phone that is more cost effective.  My main things are having a reliable network and a functional smart phone that would allow me to utilize basic functions to search the internet and navigate social media platforms for my business.  Other than that, I can live without.  I am detached of my ego to utilize a certain brand.  

The ability to jump into action when necessary and staying grounded are the two benefits that I reap from my daily meditation.  What I've written in this blog today is just a little example of how these benefits can impact little corner of my life.  


Meditation 7 Core Chakra 30-Day Challenge, Day 19

Today I meditated in the middle of the day.  Did 10 breathing cycles per chakra and actually took the time to complete the entire meditation session.  It felt very nice to meditate amidst a busy morning and afternoon.  

During the meditation I counted my breathing, I did not listen to music or any guided meditation.  In the end I sometimes do a re-affirmation on peace and light. 

I will write more tomorrow.  Hope your Monday has been productive and peaceful!